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Cowfeathers Market

Mashed Potatoes

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Mashed Potatoes

Serves approximately 2 as a side dish


This item is serve a la carte and is not a full meal.

This menu item is available for online pick up between 04/04 - 04/05

Our packaging is oven and microwave safe! You can reheat your meal any way you like without having to dirty another dish.

If you choose a pick up date outside of the date range listed above we will substitute a similar item. Please double check your date at checkout! Refunds will not be issued for an incorrect date but we are happy to make adjustments - just give us a call so we can update your preferred pick up date.

Don't forget to check out our Easter Menu available for pick up on Friday, April 7! Please note, these two menus are not available for pick up on the same dates so you will not be able to check out if you have items from both menus in the cart at the same time. Please make two separate transactions to choose the appropriate pick up dates.